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G8 Education Australia s Largest Provider Of Childcare...

Company Overview G8 Education is Australia’s largest provider of childcare services listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). They provide development and educational child care services mainly in Australia. A merger between Payce Child Care Pty Ltd and Early Learning Services Limited in March 2010 resulting in the name of G8 Education. Currently, G8 education accounts for over 370 centres spreading across Australia and Singapore. G8 Education’s acquisition strategy has resulted in a market share of 5% which saw a 44% growth in their portfolio which resulted in securing 86 centres with a Net Profit After Tax of $31.07 million for the financial year of 2013. Their strong acquisition strategy prime them to be major players in the†¦show more content†¦Jennifer Hutson continued to highlight their company’s strong acquisitions of childcare centres in Australia whilst touching on relevant Australian government reform in the childcare sector and G8 Education’s man agement team and their dedication to improving efficiency in order to maximise shareholder profit. This was illustrated by earnings per share growth in the company on the previous year.3 This address was to provide current stakeholders and ordinary investors with activities pursuant to G8 Education for the 2013 year. It gave a summary of activities for the financial year and provided a glimpse to future activities of the company. The diagram below depicts the top 20 shareholdings and the substantial holders G8 Education from the 2013 annual report. J P Morgan Nominees Australia Limited, HSBC Custody Nominees, National Nominees Limited account for 41.83% of the 75.91% of issued shares. Between the three they account for 55.10% of issued shares thus providing them with substantial voting rights during general meetings. The remainder of this list is made up of foreign investment companies, domestic institutional investors and/or ordinary investors that are not involved within the company. Substantial holding in G8 Education is comprised of Perpetual Limited and National Australia Bank each holding 5.75% and 5.02% respectively. Following the global financial

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What Was The Aftermath Of The Provision After Ab1266

What was the aftermath of the provision? After AB1266 was implemented into law after January 1, 2014, this led to huge backlash against the law by private institutions and through petitions. Privacy for All Students a coalition of churches, religious groups, and members who wanted to repeal gay marriage tried to repeal the law in late 2013 and they gathered well over 600,000 signatures which is much more than the required 504,760 signatures needed for a referendum (Schrank). On the other hand, these signatures weren’t all valid and no referendum was placed on the 2014 ballot in California. The second backlash occurred again in 2015. The same group filed the Personal Privacy Protection Act which would â€Å"Under the proposed act, people who†¦show more content†¦The bathroom debate is about transgender rights vs. privacy safety. One norm that creates and nurtures this debate is a sexual norm of sex segregation between males and females. This norm is based on the idea that males and females are different in terms of anatomy, especially in terms of genitalia, which is the reason why there is sex segregation in dorms, bathrooms, sports, and showers. This can create a problem for transgender people: A TV ad that featured a young, white girl on a playground. She jumps off a merry-goround, and, alone, enters a doorway clearly marked ‘Women’s Restroom.’ A moment later, a White man with a scraggly beard, dark sunglasses, and baseball cap slung low on his forehead approaches the door, looks around furtively, and enters. As the door swings shut, the ad cuts to black . . .† (Schilt Westbrook, 27). This is how the opposing argument is framed in terms of a safety issue and not a transgender rights issue. The concern by opponents is that a predator male will attack women and young girls in the bathroom. According to Schilt and Westrbrook, this viewpoint conflates â€Å"sexual predator males† with transgender women, who are considered male because the emphasis is on genitalia (27). In

A Dirty Job Chapter 25 Free Essays

string(169) " and took the CDs as if he were moving through some thick liquid – then shuffled away all but one, which he just stared at, then flipped over to look at the back\." 25 THE RHYTHM OF LOST AND FOUND The Emperor was camped in some bushes near an open culvert that drained into Lobos Creek in the Presidio, the land point on the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate where forts had stood from the time of the Spanish, but had recently been turned into a park. The Emperor had wandered the city for days, calling into storm drains, following the sound of his lost soldier’s barking. The faithful retriever Lazarus had led him here, one of the few drains in the city where the Boston terrier might be able to exit without being washed into the Bay. We will write a custom essay sample on A Dirty Job Chapter 25 or any similar topic only for you Order Now They camped under a camouflage poncho and waited. Mercifully, it hadn’t rained since Bummer had chased the squirrel into the storm sewer, but dark clouds had been bubbling over the City for two days now, and whether or not they were bringing rain, they made the Emperor fear for his city. â€Å"Ah, Lazarus,† said the Emperor, scratching his charge behind the ears, â€Å"if we had even half the courage of our small comrade, we would go into that drain and find him. But what are we without him, our courage, our valor? Steady and righteous we may be, my friend, but without courage to risk ourselves for our brother, we are but politicians – blustering whores to rhetoric.† Lazarus growled low and hunkered back under the poncho. The sun had just set, but the Emperor could see movement back in the culvert. As he climbed to his feet, the six-foot pipe was filled with a creature that crawled out and virtually unfolded in the creekbed – a huge, bullheaded thing, with eyes that glowed green and wings that unfurled like leathery umbrellas. As they watched the creature took three steps and leapt into the twilight sky, his wings beating like the sails of a death ship. The Emperor shuddered, and considered for a moment moving their camp into the City proper, perhaps passing the night on Market Street, with people and policemen streaming by, but then he heard the faintest barking coming from deep in the culvert. Audrey was showing them around the Buddhist center, which, except for the office in the front, and a living room that had been turned into a meditation room, looked very much like any other sprawling Victorian home. Austere and Oriental in its decor, yes, and perhaps the smell of incense permeating it, but still, just a big old house. â€Å"It’s just a big old house, really,† she said, leading them into the kitchen. Minty Fresh was making Audrey feel a little uncomfortable. He kept picking at bits of duct-tape adhesive that had stuck to the sleeve of his green jacket, and giving Audrey a look like he was saying, This better come out when it’s dry-cleaned or it’s your ass. His size alone was intimidating, but now a series of large knots were rising on his forehead where he’d smacked the doorway, and he looked vaguely like a Klingon warrior, except for the pastel-green suit, of course. Maybe the agent for a Klingon warrior. â€Å"So,† he said, â€Å"if the squirrel people thought I was a bad guy, why did they save me from the sewer harpy in the train last week? They attacked her and gave me time to get away.† Audrey shrugged. â€Å"I don’t know. They were supposed to just watch you and report back. They must have seen that what was after you was much worse than you. They are human, at heart, you know.† She paused in front of the pantry door and turned to them. She hadn’t seen the debacle in the street, but Esther had been watching through the window and had told her what had happened – about the womanlike creatures that had been coming after Charlie. Evidently these strange men were allies of a sort, practicing what she had taken on as her holy work: helping souls to move to their next existence. But the method? Could she trust them? â€Å"So, from what you guys are saying, there are thousands of humans walking around without souls?† â€Å"Millions, probably,† Charlie said. â€Å"Maybe that explains the last election,† she said, trying to buy time. â€Å"You said you could see if people had one,† said Minty Fresh. He was right, but she’d seen the soulless and never thought about their sheer numbers, and what happened when the dead didn’t match with the born. She shook her head. â€Å"So the transfer of souls depends on material acquisition? That’s just so – I don’t know – sleazy.† â€Å"Audrey, believe me,† Charlie said, â€Å"we’re both as baffled by the mechanics of it as you are, and we’re instruments of it.† She looked at Charlie, really looked at him. He was telling the truth. He had come here to do the right thing. She threw open the pantry door and the red light spilled out on them. The pantry was nearly as big as a modern bedroom, and every shelf from floor to ceiling and most of the floor space was covered with glowing soul vessels. â€Å"Jeez,† Charlie said. â€Å"I got as many as I could – or, the squirrel people did.† Minty Fresh ducked into the pantry and stood in front of a shelf full of CDs and records. He grabbed a handful and started shuffling through them, then turned to her, holding up a half-dozen CD cases fanned out. â€Å"These are from my store.† â€Å"Yes. We got all of them,† Audrey said. â€Å"You broke into my store.† â€Å"She kept them from the bad guys, Minty,† Charlie said, stepping in the pantry. â€Å"She probably saved them, maybe saved us.† â€Å"No way, man, none of this would be happening if it wasn’t for her.† â€Å"No, it was always going to happen. I saw it in the other Great Big Book, in Arizona.† â€Å"I was just trying to help them,† Audrey said. Charlie was staring at the CDs in Minty’s hand. He seemed to have fallen into some sort of trance, and reached out and took the CDs as if he were moving through some thick liquid – then shuffled away all but one, which he just stared at, then flipped over to look at the back. You read "A Dirty Job Chapter 25" in category "Essay examples" He sat down hard in the pantry and Audrey caught his head to keep him from bumping it on the shelf behind him. â€Å"Charlie,† she said. â€Å"Are you okay?† Minty Fresh squatted down next to Charlie and looked at the CD – reached for it, but Charlie pulled it away. Minty looked at Audrey. â€Å"It’s his wife,† he said. Audrey could see the name Rachel Asher scratched into the back of the CD case and she felt her heart breaking for poor Charlie. She put her arms around him. â€Å"I’m so sorry, Charlie. I’m so sorry.† Tears splattered on the CD case and Charlie wouldn’t look up. Minty Fresh stood and cleared his throat, his face clear of any rage or accusation. He seemed almost ashamed. â€Å"Audrey, I’ve been driving around the City for days, I could sure use a place to lie down if you have it.† She nodded, her face against Charlie’s back. â€Å"Ask Esther, she’ll show you.† Minty Fresh ducked out of the pantry. Audrey held Charlie and rocked him for a long time, and even though he was lost in the world of that CD that held the love of his life, and she was outside, crouched in a pantry that glowed red with cosmic bric-a-brac, she cried with him. After an hour passed, or maybe it was three, because that’s the way time is in grief and love, Charlie turned to her and said, â€Å"Do I have a soul?† â€Å"What?† she said. â€Å"You said you could see people’s souls glowing in them – do I have a soul?† â€Å"Yes, Charlie. Yes, you have a soul.† He nodded, turning away from her again, but pushing back against her. â€Å"You want it?† he said. â€Å"Nah, I’m good,† she said. But she wasn’t. She took the CD out of his hand, pried his hands off of it, really, and put it with the others. â€Å"Let’s let Rachel rest and go in the other room.† â€Å"Okay,† Charlie said. He let her help him up. Upstairs, in a little room with cushions all over the floor and pictures of the Buddha reclining amid lotuses, they sat and talked by candlelight. They’d shared their histories, of how they had come to be where they were, what they were, and with that out of the way, they talked about their losses. â€Å"I’ve seen it again and again,† Charlie said. â€Å"More with men than with women, but definitely with both – a wife or husband dies, and it’s like the survivor is roped to him like a mountain climber who’s fallen into a crevasse. If the survivor can’t let go – cut them loose, I guess – the dead will drag them right into the grave. I think that would have happened to me, if it wasn’t for Sophie, and maybe even becoming a Death Merchant. There was something bigger than me going on, something bigger than my pain. That’s the only reason I made it this far.† â€Å"Faith,† Audrey said. â€Å"Whatever that is. It’s funny, when Esther came to me, she was angry. Dying and angry – she said that she’d believed in Jesus all her life, now she was dying and He said she was going to live forever.† â€Å"So you told her, ‘Sucks to be you, Esther.'† Audrey threw a cushion at him. She liked the way that he could find the silliness in such dark territory. â€Å"No, I told her that He told her that she’d live forever, but He didn’t say how. Her faith hadn’t been betrayed at all, she just needed to open to a broader understanding.† â€Å"Which was total bullshit,† Charlie said. Another cushion bounced off his forehead. â€Å"No, it wasn’t moo-poo. If anyone should understand the significance of the book not covering everything in detail, it should be you – us.† â€Å"You can’t say ‘bullshit,’ can you?† Audrey felt herself blush and was glad they were in the dim orange candlelight. â€Å"I’m talking faith, over here, you want to give me a break?† â€Å"Sorry. I know – or, I think I know what you mean. I mean, I know that there’s some sort of order to all this, but I don’t know how someone can reconcile, say, a Catholic upbringing with a Tibetan Book of the Dead, with a Great Big Book of Death, secondhand dealers selling objects with human souls, and vicious raven women in the sewers. The more I know, the less I understand. I’m just doing.† â€Å"Well, the Bardo Thodrol talks about hundreds of monsters you will encounter as your consciousness makes its journey into death and rebirth, but you’re instructed to ignore them, as they are illusions, your own fears trying to keep your consciousness from moving on. They can’t really harm you.† â€Å"I think this may be something they left out of the book, Audrey, because I’ve seen them, I’ve fought with them, wrenched souls out of their grasp, watched them take bullets and get hit by cars and keep going – they are definitely not illusions and they definitely can hurt you. The Great Big Book isn’t clear about the specifics, but it definitely talks about the Forces of Darkness trying to take over our world, and how the Luminatus will rise and do battle with them.† â€Å"Luminatus?† Audrey said. â€Å"Something to do with light?† â€Å"The big Death,† Charlie said. â€Å"Death with a capital D. Sort of the Kahuna, the Big Cheese, the Boss Death. Like Minty and the other Death Merchants would be Santa’s helpers, the Luminatus would be Santa.† â€Å"Santa Claus is the big Death?!† Audrey said, wide-eyed. â€Å"No, that’s just an example – † Charlie saw she was trying not to laugh. â€Å"Hey, I’ve been bruised and electrocuted and tied up and traumatized tonight.† â€Å"So my seduction strategy is working?† Audrey grinned. Charlie was flustered. â€Å"I didn’t – I wasn’t – was I staring at your breasts? Because if I was, it was totally by accident, because, you know – there they were, and – â€Å" â€Å"Shh.† She reached over and put her finger on his lips to shush him. â€Å"Charlie, I feel very close to you right now, and very connected to you right now, and I want to keep that connection going, but I’m exhausted, and I don’t think I can talk anymore. I think I’d like you to come to bed with me.† â€Å"Really? Are you sure?† â€Å"Am I sure? I haven’t had sex in fourteen years – and if you’d asked me yesterday, I’d have told you that I’d rather face one of your raven monsters than go to bed with a man, but now I’m here, with you, and I’m as sure as I’ve ever been of anything.† She smiled, then looked away. â€Å"I mean, if you are.† Charlie took her hand. â€Å"Yeah,† he said. â€Å"But I was going to tell you something important.† â€Å"Can’t it wait till morning?† â€Å"Sure.† They spent the night in each other’s arms, and whatever fears or insecurities they had been feeling turned out to be illusions. Loneliness evaporated off of them like the steam off dry ice, and by morning it was just a cloud on the ceiling of the room, then gone with the light. During the night someone had picked up the dining-room table and cleaned up the mess Minty Fresh had made when he crashed through the kitchen door. He was sitting at the table when Charlie came down. â€Å"They towed my car,† said Minty Fresh. â€Å"There’s coffee.† â€Å"Thanks.† Charlie skipped across the dining room to the kitchen. He poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down with Minty. â€Å"How’s your head?† The big man touched the purple bruise on his forehead. â€Å"Better. How’re you doing?† â€Å"I accidentally shagged a monk last night.† â€Å"Sometimes, in times of crisis, that shit cannot be avoided. How are you doing besides that?† â€Å"I feel wonderful.† â€Å"Yeah, imagine the rest of us all bummed about the end of the world, not being cheerful.† â€Å"Not the end of the world, just darkness over everything,† Charlie cheerfully said. â€Å"It gets dark – turn on a light.† â€Å"Good for you, Charlie. Now ‘scuse me, I got to go get my car out of impound before you start with the whole ‘if life gives you lemons you make lemonade’ speech and I have to beat you senseless.† (It’s true, there is little more obnoxious than a Beta Male in love. So conditioned is he to the idea that he will never find love, that when he does, he feels as if the entire world has fallen into step with his desires – and thus deluded, he may act accordingly. It’s a time of great joy and danger for him.) â€Å"Wait, we can share a cab. I have to go home and get my date book.† â€Å"Me, too. I left mine on the front seat of the car. You know those two clients I missed – they’re here. Alive.† â€Å"Audrey told me,† Charlie said. â€Å"There’s six of them altogether. She did that p’howa of undying thing on them. Obviously that’s what’s been causing the cosmic shit storm, but what can we do? We can’t kill them.† â€Å"No, I think it’s what you said. The battle is going to happen here in San Francisco and it’s going to happen now. And since you’re the Luminatus, I guess this whole thing is riding on your shoulders. So I’d say we’re doomed.† â€Å"Maybe not. I mean, every time they’ve almost gotten me, something or someone has intervened to pull out a victory. I think destiny is on our side. I feel very optimistic about this.† â€Å"That’s just because you just shagged the monk,† said Minty. â€Å"I’m not a monk,† said Audrey, bounding into the room with a sheaf of papers in hand. â€Å"Oh, shit,† said the Death Merchants in unison. â€Å"No, it’s okay,† Audrey said. â€Å"He did shag me, or, I think more appropriately – we shagged – but I’m not a monk anymore. Not because of the shagging, you know, it was a preshag decision.† She threw her papers on the table and climbed into Charlie’s lap. â€Å"Hey, good-looking, how’s your morning going?† She gave him a backbreaking kiss and entwined him like a starfish trying to open an oyster until Minty Fresh cleared his throat and she turned to him. â€Å"And good morning to you, Mr. Fresh.† â€Å"Yes. Thank you.† Minty leaned to the side so he could see Charlie. â€Å"Whether they were here for you, or for our clients who didn’t die, they’ll be back, you know that?† â€Å"The Morrigan?† said Audrey. â€Å"Huh,† said the Death Merchants, again in chorus. â€Å"You guys are so cute,† Audrey gushed. â€Å"They’re called the Morrigan. Raven women – personifications of death in the form of beautiful warrior women who can change into birds. There are three of them, all part of the same collective queen of the Underworld known as the Morrigan.† Charlie leaned back from her so he could look her in the eye. â€Å"How do you know that?† â€Å"I just looked it up on the Internet.† Audrey climbed out of Charlie’s lap, picked up the papers on the table, and began to read. â€Å"‘The Morrigan consists of three distinct entities: Macha, who haunts the battlefield, and takes heads of warriors as tribute in battle – she is said to be able to heal a warrior from mortal wounds in the field, if his men have offered enough heads to her. The Celtic warriors called the severed heads Macha’s acorns. She is considered the mother goddess of the three. Babd is rage, the passion of battle and killing – she was said to collect the seed of fallen warriors, and use its power to inspire a sexual frenzy for battle, a literal bloodlust. And Nemain, who is frenzy, was said to drive soldiers into battle with a howl so fierce that it could cause enemy soldiers to die of fright – her claws were venomous and the mere prick of one would kill a soldier, but she would fling the venom into the eyes o f enemy soldiers to blind them.'† â€Å"That’s them,† said Minty Fresh. â€Å"I saw venom come from the claws of the one on the BART.† â€Å"Yeah,† Charlie said, â€Å"and I think I remember Babd – the bloodlust one. That’s them. I have to talk to Lily. I sent her to Berkeley to find out about them, but she came back with nothing. She must have not even looked.† â€Å"Yeah, ask her if she’s seeing anybody,† Minty Fresh said. To Audrey: â€Å"Did it say how you kill them? What their weaknesses are?† Audrey shook her head. â€Å"Just that warriors took dogs into battle to protect against the Morrigan.† â€Å"Dogs,† Charlie echoed. â€Å"That explains why my daughter got the hellhounds to protect her. I’m telling you, Fresh, we’re going to be okay. Destiny is on our side.† â€Å"Yeah, you said that. Call us a cab.† â€Å"I wonder why of all the different gods and demons in the Underworld, the Celtic ones are here.† â€Å"Maybe they’re all here,† Minty said. â€Å"I had a crazy Indian tell me once that I was the son of Anubis, the Egyptian jackal-headed god of the dead.† â€Å"That’s great!† Charlie said. â€Å"A jackal – that’s a type of dog. You have natural abilities to battle the Morrigan, see.† Minty looked at Audrey. â€Å"If you don’t do something to disappoint him and mellow his ass out, I’m going to shoot him.† â€Å"Oh yeah,† Charlie said. â€Å"Can I still borrow one of your big guns?† Minty unfolded to his feet. â€Å"I’m going outside to call a cab and wait, Charlie. If you’re coming, you better start saying good-bye now, because I’m leaving when it gets here.† â€Å"Swell,† Charlie said, looking adoringly at Audrey. â€Å"I think we’re safe in the daylight anyway.† â€Å"Monk shagger,† Minty growled as he ducked under the doorway. Auntie Cassie let Charlie into their small home in the Marina district and Sophie called off the greeting hump of devil dogs almost as soon as it started. â€Å"Daddy!† Charlie swept Sophie up in his arms and squeezed her until she started to change color; then, when Jane came out of the kitchen, he grabbed her in his other arm and hugged her as well. â€Å"Uh, let go,† Jane said, pushing him away. â€Å"You smell like incense.† â€Å"Oh, Jane, I can’t believe it, she’s so wonderful.† â€Å"He got laid,† Cassandra said. â€Å"You got laid?† Jane said, kissing her brother on the cheek. â€Å"I’m so happy for you. Now let me go.† â€Å"Daddy got laid,† Sophie said to the hellhounds, who seemed very happy at hearing the news. â€Å"No, not laid,† Charlie said, and there was a collective sigh of disappointment. â€Å"Well, yes, laid,† and there was a collective sigh of relief, â€Å"but that’s not the thing. The thing is she’s wonderful. She’s gorgeous, and kind, and sweet, and – â€Å" â€Å"Charlie,† Jane interrupted, â€Å"you called us and told us that there was some great danger and we had to go get Sophie and protect her, and you were going on a date?† â€Å"No, no, there was – is danger, at least in the dark, and I did need you to get Sophie, but I met someone.† â€Å"Daddy got laid!† Sophie cheered again. â€Å"Honey, we don’t say that, okay,† Charlie said. â€Å"Auntie Jane and Auntie Cassie shouldn’t say that either. It’s not nice.† â€Å"Like ‘kitty’ and ‘not in the butt’?† â€Å"Exactly, honey.† â€Å"Okay, Daddy. So it wasn’t nice?† â€Å"Daddy has to go to our house and get his date book, pumpkin, we’ll talk about this later. Give me a kiss.† Sophie gave him a huge hug and a kiss and Charlie thought that he might cry. For so long she had been his only future, his only joy, and now he had this other joy, and he wanted to share it with her. â€Å"I’ll come right back, okay?† â€Å"Okay. Let me down.† Charlie let her slide to the floor and she ran off to another part of the house. â€Å"So it wasn’t nice?† Jane asked. â€Å"I’m sorry, Jane. This is really crazy. I hate that I put you guys in the middle of it. I didn’t mean to scare you.† Jane thumped him in the arm. â€Å"So it was nice?† â€Å"It was really nice,† Charlie said, breaking into a grin. â€Å"She’s really nice. She’s so nice I miss Mom.† â€Å"Lost me,† Cassandra said. â€Å"Because I’d like Mom to see that I’m doing okay. That I met someone who’s good for me. Who’s going to be good for Sophie.† â€Å"Whoa, don’t jump the gun, there, tiger,† Jane said. â€Å"You just met this woman, you need to slow down – and remember, this comes from someone whose typical second date is moving a woman in.† â€Å"Slut,† Cassie murmured. â€Å"I mean it, Jane. She’s amazing.† Cassie looked at Jane. â€Å"You were right, he really did need to get laid.† â€Å"That’s not it!† Charlie’s cell rang. â€Å"Excuse me, guys.† He flipped it open. â€Å"Asher, what the hell have you done?† It was Lily. She was crying. â€Å"What the hell have you let loose?† â€Å"What, Lily? What?† â€Å"It was just here. The front window of the shop is gone. Gone! It just came in, ripped through the shop, and took all of your soul thingies. Loaded them into a bag and flew away. Fuck, Asher. I mean FUCK! This thing was huge, and fucking hideous.† â€Å"Yeah, Lily, are you okay? Is Ray okay?† â€Å"Yeah, I’m okay. Ray didn’t come in. I ran into the back when it came through the window. It wasn’t interested in anything but that shelf. Asher, it was as big as a bull and it fucking flew!† She sounded like she was on the edge of hysteria. â€Å"Hold on, Lily. Stay there and I’ll come to you. Go in the back room and don’t open the door until you hear me, okay.† â€Å"Asher, what the fuck was that thing?† â€Å"I don’t know, Lily.† The bullheaded Death flew into the culvert and immediately fell to all fours to move through the pipe, dragging the bag of souls behind him. Not for much longer – he would not crawl much longer. The time had come, Orcus could feel it. He could feel them converging on the City – the City where he had staked his territory so many years ago – his city. Still, they would come, and they would try to take what was rightfully his. All of the old gods of death: Yama and Anubis and Mors, Thanatos and Charon and Mahakala, Azrael and Emma-O and Ahkoh, Balor, Erebos, and Nyx – dozens of them, gods born of the energy of Man’s greatest fear, the fear of death – all of them coming to rise as the leader of darkness and the dead, as the Luminatus. But he had come here first, and with Morrigan, he would become the one. But first he had to marshal his forces, heal the Morrigan, and take down the wretched human soul stealers of the City. The satchel of souls would go a long way toward healing his brides. He marched into the grotto where the great ship was moored and leapt into the air, the beat of his great leathery wings like a war drum, echoing off the grotto walls and sending bats to the wing, swirling around the ship’s masts in great clouds. The Morrigan, torn and broken, were waiting for him on the deck. â€Å"What did I tell you?† Babd said. â€Å"It’s really not that great Above, huh? I, for one, could do without cars altogether.† Jane drove while Charlie fired out phone calls on his cell, first to Rivera, then to Minty Fresh. Within a half an hour they were all standing in Charlie’s store, or the wreckage that had been Charlie’s store, and uniformed policemen had taped off the sidewalk until someone could get the glass swept up. â€Å"The tourists have to love this,† Nick Cavuto said, gnawing an unlit cigar. â€Å"Right on the cable-car line. Perfect.† Rivera was sitting in the back room interviewing Lily while Charlie, Jane, and Cassandra tried to sort through the mess and put things back on their shelves. Minty Fresh stood by the front door, wearing shades, looking entirely too cool for the destruction that lay strewn around him. Sophie was content to sit in the corner and feed shoes to Alvin and Mohammed. â€Å"So,† Cavuto said to Charlie, â€Å"some kind of flying monster came through your window and you thought this would be a good place to bring your kid?† Charlie turned to the big cop and leaned on the counter. â€Å"Tell me, Detective, in your professional opinion, what procedure should I use in dealing with robbery by a flying monster? What the fuck is the SFPD giant-fucking-flying-monster protocol, Detective?† Cavuto stood staring at Charlie as if he’d had water thrown in his face, not really angry, just very surprised. Finally, he grinned around his cigar, and said, â€Å"Mr. Asher, I am going to go outside and smoke, call in to the dispatcher, and have her look that particular protocol up. You have stumped me. Would you tell my partner where I’ve gone?† â€Å"I’ll do that,† Charlie said. He went into the office with Lily and Rivera and said, â€Å"Rivera, can I get some police protection here at my apartment – officers with shotguns?† Rivera nodded, patting Lily on the hand as he looked away. â€Å"I can give you two, Charlie, but not for longer than twenty-four hours. You sure you don’t want to get out of town?† â€Å"Upstairs we have the security bars and steel doors, we have the hellhounds and Minty Fresh’s weapons, and besides, they’ve already been here. I have a feeling they got what they came for, but the cops would make me feel better.† Lily looked at Charlie. She was in total mascara meltdown and had smudged her lipstick halfway across her face. â€Å"I’m sorry, I thought I would handle it better than this. It was so scary. It wasn’t mysterious and cool, it was horrible. The eyes and the teeth – I peed, Asher. I’m sorry.† â€Å"Don’t be sorry, kid. You did fine. I’m glad you had the sense to get out of its way.† â€Å"Asher, if you’re the Luminatus, that thing must be your competition.† â€Å"What? What is that?† Rivera said. â€Å"It’s her weird Gothy stuff, Inspector. Don’t worry about it,† Charlie said. He looked through to the door and saw Minty Fresh standing at the front of the shop, looking at him, shrugging, as if saying, Well? So Charlie asked: â€Å"Hey, Lily, are you seeing anyone?† Lily wiped her nose on the sleeve of her chef ‘s coat. â€Å"Look, Asher – I, uh – I’m going to have to withdraw that offer I made you. I mean, after Ray, I’m not sure I really ever want to do that again. Ever.† â€Å"I wasn’t asking for me, Lily.† Charlie nodded toward the towering Fresh. â€Å"Oh,† Lily said, following his gaze, now wiping her eyes with her sleeves. â€Å"Oh. Fuck. Cover for me, I’ve got to regroup.† She dashed into the employee washroom and slammed the door. Rivera looked at Charlie. â€Å"What the hell is going on here?† Charlie was going to try to come up with some kind of answer when his cell phone rang and he held up his finger to pause time. â€Å"Charlie Asher,† he said. â€Å"Charlie, it’s Audrey,† came the whispered voice. â€Å"They’re here, right now. The Morrigan are here.† How to cite A Dirty Job Chapter 25, Essay examples

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Struggles Of The Oppressed Woman Essays - Feminist Theory, Chinatown

Struggles of the Oppressed Woman Throughout history, society has constantly oppressed woman, making it harder for her to achieve what it is that she so desires. In modern day society, a female has to work twice as hard as a male does to reach the same desired goal. Stemming from our ancestor's beliefs and morals that women belong in the home, these two compositions, written by Amy Tan and Lynn Bloom, illustrate these beliefs concerning the roles of the women in society. In both cases, the women involved write of their struggles and the ways in which each overcame them. Women are highly outnumbered as, professors governmental figures, doctors and many other prestigious positions. This fact alone exemplifies the struggles of a woman in society. Though the goals, the obstacles, and the situations were all different, the beliefs reflected by each author are very much alike. Amy Tan's, The Red Candle, is the story of Amy's upbringing, mainly concerning her marriage. In Taiyuanese society, women do not have much freedom concerning how they live. Having no control over the process of selecting a husband, Tan's future husband is chosen at the age of two. Living in the strict Taiyuanese society, her life was carved in stone at an extremely early age. In her early years, all thoughts and actions were directed to the development of a good wife for her future husband. A contract was made, between the Tan's and the Huangs, concerning the future of their children. Tyan-yu, Tan's future husband, would have all of the power in the marriage, leaving Tan nothing but orders. How would a woman be able to live a life, which she has no control over? Being oppressed by her own society, how would Tan strive to gain control of her life? The one privilege that she desires is to have the control to gain what she wants and likes. These simple desires are exactly what Lynn Z. Bloom strives for also. Lynn Z. Bloom's auto-biographical composition, Teaching College English As A Woman, reflects being a female college professor and the struggles that come with the task. Like Tan, Bloom was constantly rejected and oppressed while trying to attain what she desired. She had many obstacles to overcome in order to reach her goal of becoming a full time successful college professor. Knowing that she was well qualified and deserved certain positions, she fought back and ultimately overcame these obstacles, just as Tan. Amy Tan and Lynn Bloom were from totally different backrounds and had totally different goals to achieve. Though, almost every aspect of their lives was different they both had the same types of problems to overcome. The problems that they faced were many, but the one that they had in common was that of oppression. Being oppressed by their peers played integral parts in both of their lives. First starting when she was a baby, Tan experienced oppression her whole life. Never able to make her own decisions, having her life planned, without any consent, and being treated as a slave by the Huangs, were some of the reasons that Tan felt she had to overcome this oppression that imprisoned her. This imprisonment denied her of the person she wanted to be. Bloom experienced this same type of oppression, but on a much lower scale, in her quest of becoming a college English professor. Once earning her position of Teacher Assistant she came to realize that teaching as a woman has many disadvantages. She was often rejected from jobs that she knew she was qualified for, and even those that she landed had very tight restrictions. There are similarities in the restrictions that Bloom faced and the restrictions that Tan faced. Tan was allowed certain actions while other actions were not allowed; as is the case with Bloom, she was not allowed to voice her own opinion in her class, partly because she was a woman. Bloom talks about ?her voice? that she always ignored. She just accepted the way things were. Tan also accepted the way things were, never making what she knew was the right choice. Tan and Bloom were very much alike in that they were afraid of their superiors. They both thought they had no rights to act on their own and do as they feel. The two were also alike in the fact that they developed, over time, a very strong personality which helped them achieve their goals. Bloom had a demeaning, one sentence written recommendation, that she

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Six Ways to Make Your Editor Happy and Get More Story Assignments

Six Ways to Make Your Editor Happy and Get More Story Assignments Frequently writing coaches teach how to break into the magazine market, but not how to build a relationship with an editor well enough to become a regular contributor. After freelancing for eight years (including regular columns for several publications), I accepted the position of editor for a regional lifestyle magazine. Since joining the magazine staff, Ive come to wish every freelancer could spend enough time in an editors shoes to learn both sides of the business. Editors generally give new writers a chance with a short, front-of-the-book piece to see what they can do. Some never get a second chance. Others lose their foothold after several stories. If you struggle to develop a long-term relationship with the publications you wish to work with on a regular basis, see if any of these tips apply to you. Be punctual - Think this is self-explanatory? You wouldnt believe how many times Ive had to email a writer to ask for a late assignment. Late assignments clog the flow of everything, from copyediting to layout to printing. If your stories frequently hold up progress, expect your future queries to fall on deaf ears. Know your reader - Magazines generally have a demographic that encompasses education level, economic means and geographic location. As highly as we like to think of our own writing, remember the average American reads on a seventh grade level. If you are writing for the typical consumer magazine, nix the words nefarious and ubiquitous and speak the language of the people. If you see ads in the magazine for Rolex watches and Saks Fifth Avenue, dont assume the reader will want to read how to score big at Goodwill. Also, dont pitch articles to regional publications highlighting attractions outside of their geographic area. Be a servant - Freelance writers provide a service for the publication. That makes them servants, not celebrities, divas or gods. My first week on the job as editor, I had an irate writer demand a retraction for the edits I made to her story. She never respectfully questioned my changes. She demanded and threatened because, as a self-proclaimed prominent member of the community, she was embarrassed that the end product wasnt her work. Unfortunately, her work read like a list of facts, lacking life and quotes from real people. That said Provide life - Never turn in a story for which you havent interviewed a real person, in person. Dont tell me about those five places to go canoeing, let the man in the canoe tell m - in his words. Avoid emailing interview questions. You miss the opportunity to get random comments and the tone of voice, posture and facial expressions that prompt you to dig deeper. At least use the telephone. Make technology your friend Editors do not have the time, nor the desire, to teach you how to download a contract and sign and return it - electronically. If you cannot handle the technology required to become a regular contributor to the publication, the editor will not invite you to become one. Keep your emails organized When submitting a query, create a fresh email with your topic in the subject line. Then, when you follow up with questions, your editor wont have to search for 15 minutes to find the original query. I could go on. But if you can master just these few tips, and your writing is clean and your ideas are fresh, I guarantee any editor would love to have you on board.

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15 Idioms for Periods of Time

15 Idioms for Periods of Time 15 Idioms for Periods of Time 15 Idioms for Periods of Time By Mark Nichol A body of idiomatic words and expressions vividly denote brief periods of time or otherwise refer to various durations. Here’s a sampling of such terms. 1. After hours: In the evening or at night, or late in the day (referring to standard daytime hours that most businesses are open) 2. Banker’s hours: A relatively short duration (from the onetime tradition that banks were open for a limited number of hours compared to other businesses; therefore, one who keeps banker’s hours has a light work schedule) 3. Bat/wink/twinkling of an eye: variations of an idiom referring to a period of time so brief that it passes while one’s eyelid moves 4. Eleventh hour: occurring late in a given time frame (from the fact that the eleventh hour is the last in the day before midnight) 5. Flash: an instant (from the fact that a flash of flame is short lived) 6. Heartbeat: an instant (from the duration between one heartbeat and the next); usually seen in the expression â€Å"in a heartbeat†; by contrast, a phrase beginning â€Å"a heartbeat away from† refers to someone being in line for promotion if the heart of that person’s immediate superior stops beating that is, if the other person dies 7. Jiffy: an instant (perhaps from slang for lightning); also shortened to jiff 8. New York minute: a brief time (from the notion that minutes in the hectic milieu of New York City pass more quickly than those in more relaxed locales) 9. On the hour: at the beginning of every hour 19. Shake: a very short period; usually employed in the phrase â€Å"two shakes† (a truncation of the idiom â€Å"two shakes of a lamb’s tail,† alluding to the typically rapid motion of the young animal’s tail) 11. Small hours: the early morning (from the low numbers on the clock that indicate the time during that period) 12. Split second: a fraction of a second (from the notion that a second can be split, or subdivided); a split is also a fraction of the total elapsed time for a race 13. Tick: a moment (from the ticking of a clock); a tick is literally a mark used for measure, as on a clock 14. Trice: a short period of time (from a word meaning â€Å"pull†); often seen in the phrase â€Å"in a trice† 15. Witching hour: midnight or the middle of the night (with the connotation that unsettling or unusual things happen then, from the superstition that witches are about at that time) Note: The DWT Freelance Writing Course will be re-opening next Tuesday, November 6. Make sure to mark it on your calendar if you are planning to join us. The course costs $97 (single payment), and it runs for six weeks. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Vocabulary category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:When to Use â€Å"That,† â€Å"Which,† and â€Å"Who†Comma Before ButEnglish Grammar 101: Sentences, Clauses and Phrases

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Women Should not be Priest Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Women Should not be Priest - Essay Example The audience for this article includes females and those who support the ordination of women. The author has successfully used various strategies to appeal to the audience. For instance, she has used ethos to support her arguments. The author’s experiences and knowledge about the subject increases the credibility of her arguments. Dr. Susan Ross, who is the author, is a theology professor. This makes the audience to trust her claims. In addition, the author has used logos to strengthen her arguments. For instance, she has stated facts that support the argument. For instance, citing the traditional facts such as Christ being male and the traditional prohibition of female ordination sounds more convincing. Moreover, pathos has also been used in the article. For instance, she has used emotional language that appeals to the audience imagination. She has done this by narrating historical events especially in the bible. This not only makes the audience to respond emotionally but als o to identify themselves with the author’s arguments. However, some of the fallacies make her argument lack validity. For instance, associating traditional roles of a woman in the society with her abilities as a priest lacks soundness. This is because in the current society females are also the bread winners in their